Waivers of Inadmissibility

Certain immigrants require a waiver of inadmissibility before they may receive lawful permanent residency. Reasons for a waiver are numerous but include certain criminal convictions, previous removals or deportations, or simply being in the United States unlawfully (by far the most common). The process of obtaining a waiver differs depending on the facts of each case. Starting in 2013, certain unlawful presence waivers may be obtained in the U.S. prior to the immigrant departing for their consular interview. These waivers are known as stateside waivers or provisional unlawful presence waivers.


Please note that immigration law is extraordinarily complicated, and for every rule there is an exception. The information on this website is therefore only a survey of the general principles of American immigration law, and should not be taken as legal advice regarding a specific case or fact pattern. If you would like an appointment to receive an analysis of your specific case, please contact our office.
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